Rolfing - Structural Integration

About me

Rolfing has positively influenced my life in many kinds of aspects. To work on people is fascinating every day and it is a fulfilling work. To participate on the individual changes of my clients, is always an motivation and a big pleasure.

I came to Rolfing in 2000 trough my intensive tennis playing. In spite of a balanced training and a good condition, I often suffered from strong back pain and lumbago. All classical therapies brought just short-term relief. The orthopedist finally said, I should have to accept that. But in the early thirties I did not want to accept that diagnosis. So I was searching for an alternative treatment, that could help me to get inevitably free of pain.

After the first Rolfing session I realized the big difference of this kind of treatment. It was deeper, changing, releasing and brought movement to my body. After the ten Rolfing series I was rid of my chronic pain. And the new consciousness of my body came along with me for the next several years of my daily life. With no persuasion I decided some years later, to quit my job in Marketing- and Event-Management and to start the education on European Rolfing Association (ERA) in Munich.

2005-2007 / Education for Certified Rolfer, ERA München
2009 / Theorie of Traditionel Chinesischen Medizin, TCM Klinik Shanghai
2010 / Three In One Concepts Course I-III, Anita Weiß Shanghai
2011 / Children workshop, ERA München
2013 / Education for Rolf Movement Practitioner, ERA München
2014 / Visceral course I, Barral Institut Prag
2015 / Deepening and Reawaking - „Inspiration fort he Ten Series“, Valerie Berg, Köln
2015 / Neural mobilisation for structural integration, John Martin, Spain
2016 / Ligamentous influence of the arm, shoulder and thorax, Michael Salveson, Munich
2016 / Scarwork, Sharon Wheeler, Munich
2017 / Pre Advanced Training, ERA, Munic
2018 / Education for Certified Advanced Rolfer, Peter Schwind and Christoph Sommer, Vienna and Bologna

Rolfing means for me, live long learning, because the secrets of our body are so versatile and individual, like the human being itself.